2013 Tax Law Change Publication Available

November 21, 2013

This document is designed for use by personnel in the North Carolina Department of Revenue. It is available to those outside the Department as a resource document. It gives a brief summary of the tax law changes made by prior General Assemblies that take effect for tax year 2013, as well as changes made by the 2013 General Assembly, regardless of when they take effect.

The local sales and use tax changes follow the State sales and use tax changes. The document does not include law changes that affect the Department of Revenue but do not affect the tax laws.

For further information on a tax law change, refer to the legislation that made the change. Administrative rules, bulletins, directives, and other instructions issued by the Department, as well as opinions issued by the Attorney General's Office, may provide further information on the application of a tax law change.

2013 Tax Law Changes Publication


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