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This notice is sent because you have a state tax refund check that has not been cashed. You should take action by October 1 to receive a refund check. The notice ID is N0005802.

Why did I get this notice?

A state tax refund check was issued to you, but you have not cashed the refund check.

What should I do?

You can find the refund check information in the upper right section of your notice. Review this information and take one of the actions below.

  • If you have the refund check, mail the check to the address listed on your notice. You must send your refund check before September 16 to have it revalidated.
  • If you do not have the refund check, complete two copies of the affidavit included with your notice. Both copies must be notarized. Mail both copies of the affidavit to the address listed on your notice. We will place a stop payment on the original refund check and send you a new refund check.
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Where can I get more information?

Review our information on your notice, or call 1-877-252-3252 (toll-free) if you have additional questions.

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What if I ignore this notice?

If you do not send the refund check or complete and return the notarized affidavits by October 1, we are required by law to send the refund money the NC Department of State Treasurer’s Unclaimed Property Program.

Once the money is sent to the Unclaimed Property Program, you must call (919)-508-1000 to receive the refund. Call after January 1 to allow time for the money to be loaded into the system. If your refund was $50 or more, you can search for through the NC Cash Program. Print a claim form to request the refund.

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When will I receive my refund check once I return the original check or affidavits?

If you respond by October 1, allow at least eight weeks for your refund check to be revalidated or reissued. If you do not receive a reply after eight weeks, call 1-877-252-3252 (toll-free).

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