Notice of Collection – Amount Shown Due But Not Paid In Full

This notice is sent because your tax debt (tax due, penalties, and interest) is final and collectible. The notice ID is N0002401.











Why did I get this notice?

Watch this video to learn more about why you received this notice:

Review our Understanding Your Notice playlist for more videos on paying a bill or notice, requesting an installment payment agreement, and more.

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What should I do?

You should respond to this notice immediately. A response includes:

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Where can I get more information?

Review our information on collecting past due taxes, or call 1-877-252-4967 (toll-free) if you have additional questions.

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What if I ignore this notice?

If you do not respond immediately, we will begin forced collection actions, and you may be charged a 20% collection assistance fee. Examples of forced collection actions could include:

  • Deducting 10% of your wages paid before deductions
  • Freezing funds in your bank account
  • Seizing personal or business assets
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What if I already paid the total liability?

If you have already paid the amount shown due on your return, you may have received this notice for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Your payment may have been charged to your bank account, but not applied to your account with the Department. Call 1-877-252-3252 for more information.
  • You may still owe penalties, fees, and interest, even if you already paid the tax due. Any amount you already paid is shown under Less Paid.
  • Your total liability is for a previous period. The period is listed above the Tax column on your notice.
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What are the penalties and interest?

Common penalties and interest on a Notice of Collection include:

  • Penalty for failure to pay the tax due
  • Penalty for failure to file a return
  • Interest on the underpayment of estimated income tax
  • Interest on unpaid taxes

Penalties and interest are based on the tax due shown on the Pay This Amount line of your return, or under the Tax heading on your notice. Review the Explanation section of your notice for more information about your penalties and interest.

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