Privilege Tax Renewal Notice

This notice is sent as a reminder that your state privilege tax for the upcoming fiscal year is due.











What should I do?

Complete the detachable return at the bottom of your notice and mail it, with payment, by July 1.

You must send one return for the principle or manager for the accountant and a separate return for all assistant accountants combined. The tax for a principal or manager is $50, and the tax for each assistant is $12.50.

The privilege tax cannot be paid online or over the phone. Please use a check or money order.

Watch this video to learn more about the privilege license process:

Review the statutes to see if you need a privilege license.

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Where can I get more information?

To get more information or make a payment, call 1-877-252-3252.

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What if I’m no longer in business?

Enter the out-of-business date shown in the middle of the detachable return, or complete the Out-of-Business Notification (Form NC-BN). You must notify us or you will be assessed for the unpaid tax due.

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What if I need to change my name or address?

Complete a Business Address Correction Form (Form NC-AC). Do not mark the changes on the return.

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What if I can’t pay?

If you can’t pay by the due date, you may be assessed penalties and interest.

The failure to pay penalty is 10% of the amount due. The failure to obtain a license penalty is 5% of tax due for each month or part of a month the return is late. The minimum for each penalty is $5.

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