Delinquent Notice

This notice is sent when our records indicate you did not file a return by the due date. There are many copies of the delinquent notice, based on tax type. The notice IDs are numbers between N0016101 and N0019401.












Why did I get this notice?

You received this notice because our records indicate you did not file a return by the due date. The return name is listed on your notice. A few common scenarios include:

  • We changed your filing frequency, but you filed using your old filing frequency
  • You employed seasonal workers or you didn’t have any sales to report, and you didn’t file a zero tax due return
  • You forgot or neglected to file your return
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What should I do?

If you fit one of the scenarios above, watch the video below to find out what you should do:

You must file your return immediately, if you haven’t already. You can file returns for most tax types through our website.

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Where can I get more information?

Review the information on your notice, or call 1-877-252-3252 (toll-free) if you have additional questions.

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What if I used my old filing frequency?

You may need to amend the return you filed and file returns for the periods in which you did not file.

Contact us to amend your payment. Depending on the due date of your old filing frequency, you may have accrued late filing or payment penalties.

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What if I ignore this notice?

If you do not file your return immediately, we will assess you based on the information available. Typically, the amount assessed will be higher than your actual tax due if you file the return.

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What if I’ve already filed my return?

If you have already filed your return, call 1-877-252-3052 (toll-free). If you filed electronically, provide your confirmation number.

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What if I’m no longer in business?

If you are no longer in business, submit the Out-of-Business Notification form (NC-BN).

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What if I can’t pay?

Even if you can’t pay, you should still file your return. There are separate penalties for failure to file and failure to pay. If you file your return, and do not make a payment, you can avoid the additional failure to file penalties.

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