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NCDOR Accepts First Electronically Filed Corporate Returns

Agency certifies three vendors to process eFiled Corporate and Franchise Tax returns. full details

NCDOR Presents Motor Carrier Seminars In July

Seminars will cover tax laws and forms. The State Highway Patrol, Division of Motor Vehicles IRP Section and Internal Revenue Service will also present.  full details

NCDOR Publishes Notice on the Expiration of the Privilege Tax Imposed on Datacenter Machinery and Equipment

The privilege tax expired for sales occurring on or after July 1, 2015. full details

NCDOR Publishes Notice on the Severance of Energy Minerals

The notice covers law changes that go into effect on July 1, 2015. full details

NCDOR Experiences Technical Difficulties With Certain Web Applications

Agency has established a special help telephone number for affected taxpayers. full details

NCDOR Publishes Notice on Contracts with an Agricultural Exemption Certificate Number Holder

This notice re-addresses certain contracts entered into prior to July 1, 2014. full details

NCDOR Publishes a Notice Revisiting Certain Purchases by a Contractor

This notice addresses a retroactive change for purchases by a contractor to fulfill a contract with a qualifying or conditional farmer and also provides guidance for a contractor filling out a certificate of exemption for such purchases. full details

NCDOR Publishes Sales and Use Tax Notices

The first notice addresses a rate change for piped natural gas sold or consumed by a "gas city." The second notice addresses sales of electricity by Cape Hatteras Electric Membership Corporation.

DOR Publishes Notice on a Real Property Contract and Certain Machinery and Equipment Tax

The notice covers the application of the 1% privilege tax in Article 5F of Chapter 105 of the N.C. General Statutes to real property contracts. full details

NCDOR Publishes Notice on Requesting a Refund as a Result of an Airline Carrier Bankruptcy

Important Notice informs affected taxpayers of a recently enacted law that provides a limited-time exception to the general statute of limitations for requesting a refund of individual income tax. full details

NCDOR Publishes Notice on the Basis of Sales and Use Tax Reporting

This notice addresses the requirement for retailers to report and remit sales tax on the accrual basis of accounting for certain taxable transactions. full details

Updates Complete for Form Gen 562, County and Transit Sales and Use Tax Rates for Cities and Towns

NCDOR recently added tax rates sorted by 5-digit zip codes and by city/town. full details

NCDOR Publishes Notice on Consumable Vapor Products

This notice addresses the application of excise tax on consumable vapor products for wholesalers and retailers. full details

NCDOR Publishes Notice on White Goods Disposal Tax and Real Property Contracts

This notice addresses the application of white goods disposal tax to real property contracts for real property contractors and retailer-contractors.  full details

Motor Fuel Tax Rate Decreases

The North Carolina motor fuels tax for gasoline, diesel, and alternative fuels will decrease from 37.5 cents per gallon to 36.0 cents per gallon for the period from April 1, 2015 through December 31, 2015. full details

North Carolina Adopts Internal Revenue Code Through December 19, 2014

General Assembly chooses to "decouple" from certain Internal Revenue provisions. Notice identifies those provisions and explains how the decoupling affects the preparation of the income tax return. full details

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