NCDOR Launches New App for Easy Access to Important State Tax Information

NCDOR recently launched an app that is available for both Android and Apple devices. The free app combines all the functionality and information available online with the convenience of "on-the-go" access.

The app provides shortcuts to important agency information such as service center locations, contact phone numbers, tax forms and e-alerts. It features an "About Us" section that includes contact information and the service center addresses. The "Services" section includes links to tax forms, tax seminar information, the tax information pages for individuals, businesses and tax professionals, the e-alerts page and the learning center. There are also links to bring up the agency Facebook page, photos from the Facebook timeline and a survey.

To download the app

The app is available on Google Play (for Android devices) and the App Store (for Apple devices). To download the app, simply go to Google Play (on your Android device) or the App Store (on your Apple device) and search "NCDOR." The app should come up as the first choice. You select it and follow the steps to download and install it.