In 2015, over 3.9 million North Carolina taxpayers chose to eFile!


eFile for individual income tax is closed for the season. Check back in January 2017 to eFile your 2016 individual income tax return.

The North Carolina Department of Revenue (NCDOR) is pleased to offer electronic filing for the Individual Income tax schedule. NCDOR has approved tax preparation software products for participating eFile providers for Tax Year 2015 (TY2015). Read below to learn more. Visit Tax Year 2015 Approved Software Developer List to access a list of approved providers.

eFile Description

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What's New for eFile in 2016

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eFile Description

eFile is a proven method of electronically submitting tax returns and payments to the IRS and NCDOR using a personal computer and approved tax preparation software or using a tax professional to eFile for you. Also known as MeF (Modernized eFile), eFile is a partnership program provided by the IRS, NCDOR, and participating eFile providers.

Increasingly, North Carolina taxpayers are choosing eFile for their tax needs. In 2015, the NCDOR processed over 3.9 million individual income tax returns received through our proven eFile program.

For qualifying taxpayers, eFile for Free software is available from our website; low-cost, competitively priced software, eFile for a Fee, is also accessible from our website. Software products are provided by NCDOR-approved, participating eFile providers (developers).

eFile Resources

For tax professionals who would like to offer eFile of the NC return for your clients and software developers who would like to produce software to eFile the NC return, please review the Tax Year 2015 MeF ERO Manual (information relating to tax professionals, and instructions on the approval process for software developers, respectively).    

Our website offers an Approved Software Developer List, as well as a list of online eFile for Free and eFile for a Fee options. To eFile for Free, you must start from the Quick Guide to Eligibility Requirements page.

eFile Benefits
  • Free eFile software is available from participating providers – to eFile for Free, you must start from the Quick Guide to Eligibility Requirements page - eFile for Free qualifications and features vary by provider
  • File Federal and State returns at the same time or separately
  • File amended returns and payments
  • File prior year returns - up to two years prior to current tax year
  • Follow step-by-step instructions and easy-to-use prompts
  • Enjoy convenient, 24/7 accessibility, attach PDFs as needed
  • Use deduction discovery and audit risk assessment tools
  • Take advantage of payment options
    • Pay estimated, extension, and tax due payments by bank draft
    • Schedule (warehouse) tax due and extension payments up to 6 months in advance, estimated payments up to 12 months in advance
    • If you owe tax, you can eFile a ‘balance due’ return and schedule a payment or multiple payments to be paid up until the due date without incurring penalties or interest
    • For web-based payment options, visit NCDOR Online Filing and Payments
  • Choose direct deposit of your state tax refund (checking or savings) - available only through eFile!
  • Receive automatic email acknowledgements that your returns and payments are received
  • Eliminate copying, mailing, and postage costs for paper returns and payments
  • Choose the product is right for you – many eFile products and features are available!
What’s New for eFile in 2016

In an effort to help combat stolen-identity tax fraud to protect you and your tax refund, many state revenue agencies including the NCDOR are requesting additional information this filing season. See below for NCDOR recommendations for the additional requested information:

  • If you have a driver's license or state-issued ID card, use the information on it to provide the additional information requested on your tax return. Note: North Carolina will not reject your tax return if you do not include the additional information, but strongly encourages you to provide it.
  • File early! Although filing early does not guarantee that your identify will not be stolen, it may help prevent an attempt at stolen-identity tax fraud (if you file before the thief attempts to file using your stolen identity).
  • If someone files or attempts to file fraudulently using your identity, processing of your return and refund (if any), may be delayed, no matter whether you filed early, timely, or late.

For additional information, please visit Identify Theft, NCDOR website.

Who Can eFile

Taxpayers who request a refund, have a zero balance due, or owe tax may eFile NC Forms D-400 Individual Income Tax Return, D-400 Amended Individual Income Tax Return, D-400 Schedule S Supplemental Schedule, D-400 Schedule AM Amended Schedule, D-400TC Individual Tax Credits, NC-478 Summary of Tax Credits Limited to 50% of Tax, and NC-478 Series forms. Taxpayers may be full-year residents, part-year residents, or nonresidents of North Carolina. Each software product has different capabilities. Please check the product specifications to determine if it will meet your filing needs.

How To eFile
  • Self-prepare using eFile - requires NCDOR-approved, commercial software; visit Approved Software Developer List. Note that eFile for Free is available for those who qualify and must be accessed from our website
  • Paid-preparer – select a trusted tax professional to eFile for you.

eFile providers and/or tax preparers are not required to support all forms and schedules. Software products and preparers have different capabilities. Please check the product specifications and qualifications to determine if the product / preparer will meet your filing needs.

eFile Fees

Individuals have several eFile options and fees, if any, vary:

  • eFile for Free - you must start from the Quick Guide to Eligibility Requirements page to eFile for Free! Qualifications vary by eFile provider.
  • eFile for a Fee - if you do not qualify for free software, low-cost and competitively priced products are available. Prices and features vary by provider. Access the software from our Quick Guide to Eligibility Requirements page, or from a provider website, or in a retail setting. The product that you choose will explain the fees.
  • eFile using a tax professional - the tax professional can explain any fees associated with tax preparation and eFiling.
  • The NCDOR does not charge any eFile fees.
Forms Excluded From eFile

Certain individual income tax forms are excluded from the NC eFile program:

  • Returns for non-calendar year filers
  • NC K-1 forms from a Partnership or S-Corporation
  • Any income tax form in the list of exclusions from Federal eFileNC K-1 forms from a Partnership or S-Corporation can be attached to the eFiled return as an "unsecured" PDF attachment.
Refund Options

Taxpayers may elect the following options for receipt or designation of their overpayment:

  • Direct deposit to a checking or savings account -available only to taxpayers who eFile (visit Direct Deposit for more information)
  • Credit of overpayment as an estimated income tax payment for the next tax
  • Contribution to the NC Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Fund
  • Contribution to the NC Education Endowment Fund
  • Receipt of a paper check
Payment Options If I Owe Tax

You can submit payment of tax with your eFiled individual income tax return. Here are your payment options:

  • Tax Preparation Software: pay by bank draft your tax due, estimated, and extension payments using tax preparation software (check your eFile product for availability, as eFile providers are not required to support all forms and schedules). You can warehouse tax due and extension payments up to 6 months and estimated payments up to 12 months to pay the tax without incurring penalties or interest. If you are unable to pay at the time you eFile or want to pay by credit or debit card, use the NCDOR Online Filing and Payment application (next bullet).
  • Online: pay your tax online using NCDOR Online Filing and Payments. Payments can be made by bank draft and credit or debit card using MasterCard or Visa.
  • Mail: mail your payment. Create and print a personalized Individual Income Payment Voucher and mail both to the North Carolina Department of Revenue, PO Box 25000, Raleigh NC 27640-0640.
Is eFile Paperless

Normally eFiling a tax return is paperless; however, there is one exception to completely paperless eFiling:

  • Form NC K-1
    If you choose not to include the NC K-1 as an unsecured PDF attachment with the electronically filed return you can submit it via paper.
  • If your return shows tax payments from a partnership or S-Corporation, you should mail a copy of Form(s) NC K-1 to the North Carolina Department of Revenue, PO Box 25000, Raleigh NC 27640-0001 within 48 hours after eFiling the return.

Note: If the tax preparation software being used does not support the electronic filing of the NC-478 form and NC-478 form series, you will need to either find a software product that supports these forms to be eFiled or submit the D-400 return and applicable NC-478 forms by paper. You cannot claim the credit Business incentive and energy tax credits on form D-400TC without including the applicable form(s) in the electronic submission. The NC-478 form and/or form series must be submitted with the e-Filed return if these credits are being claimed on the return, if not the return will be rejected. Please check the software specifications to determine if it will meet your filing needs.

  • If you cannot e-File your return based on limitations of the software product, please mail your return If a refund is due, mail your return to NC Department of Revenue, PO Box R, Raleigh, NC 27634-0001
  • If your return shows tax due or zero balance, mail the return (and payment if applicable) to NC Department of Revenue, PO Box 25000, Raleigh, NC 27640-0640
Other Tax Types That Can eFile

In addition to individual income taxpayers, business income taxpayers can eFile.

eFile Contacts

E-File and Development Unit

Phone: 877-308-9103 options 2, 1, 2
Fax: 919-715-6158