Alcoholic Beverages Tax Forms and Instructions



Beer Wholesalers Excise Tax Return


Report of Military Beer Sales

B-C-715 Beer Shipping Report Nonresident Vendor or Resident Brewery
B-C-750 Report of Alcoholic Beverages Major Disaster

Railroad Alcoholic Beverages Tax Return

B-C-775 Spirituous Liquor/Antique Spirituous Liquor Tax Return
B-C-784 Wine Distributor Excise Tax Return
B-C-784M Report of Military Wine Sales
B-C-785 Registration Form Beer/Wine Permittee
B-C-786 Wineries and Wine Shipper Permittees Excise Tax Return
Disclaimer: The 2016 General Assembly changed the reporting requirements to an annual basis for the B-C-786, Wineries and Wine Shipper Permittees Excise Tax Return.
Important notice published by the Department of Revenue on June 22, 2016
B-C-790 Tax Bond for Alcoholic Beverage Wholesalers or Importers

Tax Liability Increase or Decrease Rider
Alcoholic Beverage Tax

B-C-790C Change of Name Liability Bond Rider
Template Irrevocable Letter of Credit
NC-AC Business Address Correction
NC-BN Out-of-Business Notification