General Refund Information

Statement About Tax Refunds

The North Carolina Department of Revenue has released all tax refunds for returns that were filed by April 15. The Department continues to process 2009 tax returns that were filed after April 15.

The Department has written 2,857,094 refunds totaling $2,102,631,598 since January 1, 2010. Anyone who filed a return by April 15 and did not receive a refund by May 30 accrued a five percent annual interest that was paid to the taxpayer when they received their refund. The State has paid $1,280,002 in interest to taxpayers.

Refunds So Far

  Number of Refunds Processed Refund Amount
Individual Income

Updated 6/29/10

Check The Status Of Your Refund

The department offers two ways you can check on the status of your refund. These can tell you if your return has been processed or if it is pending. They cannot tell you when you will receive your refund. Once your check is written, they will tell you how long to allow for delivery.

Please note: NCDOR employees are not able to tell you when you can expect your refund.